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Proportionate, self-insured premiums

All PROTECT 36 premiums are based on the amount of monetary improvement between the defendant Part 36 offer and the final award of damages. If the final award of damages is less than the last defendant Part 36 offer, PROTECT 36 will cover the damages shortfall and adverse costs, all with no premium due from the Client.

PROTECT 36 has a £100,000 level of indemnity and premiums are also further discounted by 50% should a case settle pre-issue.

Fast track premiums
For Fast track cases, the premium will be 25% of the increase between the first defendant Part 36 offer and the final award of damages, but with the following maximum premium caps based on the first defendant offer:

Fast track premiums include IPT.

Multi track premiums
As Multi track claims are far more complex and risk factors vary considerably between cases, premiums are calculated on a case by case basis to ensure that they are both suitable for the specific risk factors involved as well as being fair and proportionate.

Overall, Multi track premiums are based on an individually assessed, fixed premium or percentage of the monetary improvement between the defendant Part 36 offer and the final award of damages.The type and amount of premium quoted will be specific for each case and based on a variety of risk factors such as liability, quantum, and just as importantly, whether it is a first offer or a subsequent offer (generally speaking the premiums will be lower for earlier stage offers).

Multi track cover is also available without the damages shortfall indemnity if required.

To download a complete Protect 36 brochure, including some 'real world' examples, please click here (PDF)

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